About our vision

We have a unique formula to build SMART systems.

SMART Performance = (Awareness + Efficiency + Integration) * system.

This team has been working since 2013 and have approved as R&D Company in field of innovative AI solutions.

Our vision is to bring SMART world out of simple ideas and improve the Performance of life.

We want this statement for every one to be realized

No Human Should Do What a Computer Can Do

We Analyze

Find out future! we can expand the idea beyond it's limits...

We Design

Visualize the future. we can design all new options...

We develop

Experience it, The future has landed.

How we do it

Don't Do What the system Can Do

Structure Design

After analyzing new project we discover all allocated rational tasks. With This knowledge we can create platforms that support A to Z of systems we design.

Creative Algorithms

We put those relations together and try to make a standard pattern to solve problem we faced. It can manage all Allocated Rational Tasks just with the power of the system it self.

Smart performance

We manage all requests by using latest coding techs and produce a smooth, fast, integrated and SMART output.

Unique Technologies

To face the new world we some times have to create things never existed before. You will see it's way beyond imaginations.

Products & Technologies

Bring SMART world out of simple ideas

Our Latest works

Innovation and Teamwork are main keys to ARCSYS success in the way of providing SMART IT solutions.

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Providing an integrated tool to find any business or needed information in nearby or any other desired location.
  • Offering location-based offer notifications (Online/offline)
  • Searching throw User’s languages and getting the results in local languages (Online/offline)
  • Visiting shops or any other location by Augmented Reality Technology.
  • Uploading Data on map with customized specifications (e.g. time boundaries).
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Improving lives through better careers by making professional resume, using psychological assessments.
  • Providing normalized I&O psychology tests for online Assessments.
  • Creating online and paper resume based on graphical templates.
  • Sending resume by post, web applications and mobile services.
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Supporting interpersonal and business interactions with person oriented SMART task manager.

This app can keep track of your projects and the things you need at the store. you can schedule everything from simple tasks like your shoping list to detailed tasks with notes, reminders, and due dates.

Main advantage of this system is its unique location-based notification technology that helps you precisely follow up your tasks and miss nothing.

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Smart Home

Providing SMART Solution for Comfortable and Secure Life

Smart Home coordinates the technology in your life into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, dim the lights,

play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system Or have your house respond to your schedules and needs without touching anything at all.

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